Car Insurance Comparison Sites

When buying car insurance, it is important to obtain the best deal, below are examples of car insurance comparison websites: Many brands can be compared, including the different levels of cover that each company provides by filling out the form e.g.; number plate, estimated car value, annual mileage, the length of no claims bonus, what the vehicle will be used for, the claimant's occupation, details of accidents and convictions in the last five years. Visit for information. offers three levels of comparison cover: Third-party Third-party, fire and theft Comprehensive The types of insurance available are: Multi-car Temporary cover, up to twenty-eight days. Black box/telematics offers a mobile app to monitor driving Learner cover Classic car cover: for insurance purposes, a classic car is over fifteen years. Business: vehicles used for more than just domestic use. Visit for information. Different insurers can be compared in one place; the claimant can compare one hundred and forty, ranking the quotes in price order. It is independent; many types of insurance are compared: • Temporary car insurance • Car insurance groups • Learner’s drivers’ insurance etc. To obtain insurance, the following information is required: • Details of the car; make, mode, age, value, any modifications made. • No claims discount: details of a no claims discount helps to lower the quote. • Mileage estimates: The number of miles driven every year will affect the premium quoted. • Drivers: details of any third parties must be provided. Personal information such as address, age and job must be provided in order to complete the quote. Visit for information. offers many types of car insurance ex: Over 50s Young drivers Multi-car. To compare and choose, there is a drop-down menu available. Visit for information. offers three types of insurance: Car Van Bike N.B. With car insurance, there are many options for different drivers as well as a guide. It is possible to receive a quote without an account. Upon entering the details of the driver and vehicle, the policy and alternate prices will be shown. Visit for information.

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